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In Brazil and around the world there are many people that deal with these forces like Kimbanda, Magick, or Witchcraft without the slightest real knowledge about the beings, gods and energies that are envolved in a ritual. Here in Brazil is not different, and what we see is most of these peoples living in misery petition. Harvesting is free, but the seeding is required. Working with something that is unknown is the path to a chaotic life. I'm an engineer, I'm a mage, I'm a writer, I am successful in my life, I have all the happiness and wealth that a man could want. I have the woman who always wanted the family I wanted and all the material goods that money can buy. I learned that magic without inner development, without knowledge, without wisdom is like nothing. Being a Mage is to be king, and most do not understand it, they are mere pleading, desperate to live a life full of misery and adverse events, all because they do not know, as I said, work well with the forces and energies. Nothing really happened, everything has a reason for be, your learning will be so if the powers that govern our lives permit.We do not like sensationalism, we just like a job well done and we do not admit mistakes with my disciples in my Temple. This is serious, this is the Serpent Tradition. This learning is not for children and not for the curious. This is for serious students who want to evolve and go beyond where your imagination can even dream of. If your magic is not effective, the cause may be varied, among which stress laziness, lack of mental and spiritual discipline and especially the lack of dedication. We are launching a course in video lesson on Afro-Brazilian cults, Kimbanda and Magic, on a platform of virtual studies we already have, so that we can interact with our students. Each video will last approximately 50 minutes, with many illustrations and exercises to test your learning. Being one video per month initially, at a cost of US$30.00 per month. This value is for it to be accessible to everyone, and especially to ensure we meet the real interested to learn with us. Below is an illustration with the course content, those interested can book your participation by sending payment via Paypal, simply leave your name and email below or by sending to us in box, with the title Course Magic and Kimbanda, and we'll send you a charge of Paypal. The forecast will start May 19th, with the sending of the first video and learning tests.
People attention please, to facilitate your participation and payment of our course of Kimbanda and Afro-Brazilian cults , we have created a page with the option to pay by PayPal, with all the information so you can make the payment and registration in the virtual room. Please see here: http://maisondelamagie.cursosdemagia.com.br/http-www-cursosdemagia-com-br-courses-htm/afrobraziliancults-kimbanda-and-magic.html

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Why if I have the gift of healing, just do well, my life is a disaster?

By Francisco Marengo

Maybe what I'll tell you, hatch a first time, and then then you see the bad events in your life and reflectively with others around them, begin to understand. All these healing modalities, including spiritualism in their own arrangements magnetic passes and invocation of deceased disobsession processes, are extremely dangerous and harmful for humans when there is lack of understanding of the esoteric phenomenology and its limits.
Note that human life has a tone that keeps him alive, we might call life energy. This vital energy is generated through absorption of Prana (solar force) and Kundalini (driving force behind life and flows from the center of the earth) through the chakras in the 2nd densest body called the etheric body or etheric double and serves to irrigate Power to the 1st and denser body, i.e. The physical, emotionally motivated by the 3rd densest body - the astral body or vehicle of emotions. This vital energy is not the sole function of irrigating the physical body for the maintenance of life, this vital energy is also used in everything in our life, in relationships, at work, at last in everything.
When a person begins to make practical use of bioenergy, magnetic passes, and other things, it automatically drains his own vital energy or tone to convey to a third person. Note that the most common occurrence in the yards and spiritual centers, is the individual "taker magnetic pass". He will return again and again, and will again, now as a drug addict, getting used to drain the energy of others to live or survive. If he misses it, take care of his soul constitution drain energy from others who are around you, without that knowing. It is normal for sensitive people feel when a weight close to these individuals, and hence wrongly say that the individual is "born" when in fact it is rather "is carrying" or draining your energy, which causes the victim tiredness, yawning, sore head, etc. There is created the "unconscious vampire of energy ".
And the process besides being wrong, goes further. All people are trapped in what we call the Circle or Karmic Wheel of Samsara. This circle is for the person to learn, i.e., if we imagine an elementary school, the student repeating remakes year until faced with that subject had difficulty, and then it's on him, and he learns by his own effort, or it will return again. Suddenly, someone comes along and lets the glue, and that individual will be incomplete, because I never actually managed to learn that subject. Note that this metaphor student explains exactly what happens in the life of the person who needs to learn on their own to heal, especially to reenergize.
So, roughly, in mediumistic passes, and you split the karma of others without knowing it, will still be contributing to the creation of energy vampires. And even passes the spiritual healing until can be used, but in extreme conditions very special, not idly on any individual.
Why am I telling you all this? Simple, because I have a very strong example of how pernicious is heal people or give them your vital tone. This example is myself, that from 19 to 27 years among many other things, spiritual healing was crowned with success tirelessly and weekly, however, bringing bad results for my life, because of all that I have mentioned. And note that had me watching 33 mediums, including doctors, etc., and my life became hell anyway, one by the large number of people who came to me at any hour of the day and night, even with day and date for the healing events, and other professionally because nothing went right, and this price is for wanting to "give the fish without teaching others to fish." And how many out there do not experience the same problem?
If this were not enough, technically speaking, it takes 72 hours to replenish our vital tone, after a night of spiritual passes, not to mention that these environments filled with people unprepared and without deeper knowledge of energies abound astral larvae and other beings that they feast festively at the expense of gullible. Only there is hunger in the Universe.
Not to mention that as I said before is the body emotions of life that motivates and drives us forward. However, when a person experiences, as well influenced by evil spirits, depression symptoms, depression, guilt, anger, and other feelings related to lower self (selfishness, selfcenteredness, etc.) It upsets your chakras and opens holes in your aura energy allowing yourself to be vampirizada. Your psychic structure, in this case, will be polluted by humans since the less enlightened, to malicious, that make your life a mental and astral living hell, without which further undermine hi relationship, your life, your job, because transform a glass of water in a hurricane.
This essay serves to give you a warning because many students of the occult with these fads ill-founded, and still catch the wrong train catch him in the wrong direction. Here in E.I.E. we work with the Esoteric Tradition, as the name suggests, a millenary tradition, so it does not need to invent the wheel, to give it another name when it already exists millennia. Many delight because they think it's cute to pass and take headache. However, unaware of what trigger unintentionally and disastrous in their lives, besides attracting processes counter magic that only are diligently dismantled by Mage preparing for this for years, through spiritual practices from the milder to the most severe.

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About Pactvm Pactorvm Brotherhood and the Prosperity Rite

by Francisco Marengo

All large companies and corporations in the world have some kind of protection or connection with the magic and the occult forces. All great artists, politicians, public figures in general know that if they have some kind of protection, the envy and the action of opposing forces can take them down in a time relatively fast compared to the time they took to climb to the top. All magic and all Esoteric Tradition has links to their bases. All peoples and religions seek some sort of connection with invisible forces to have the hegemony and monopoly of power of human thought. Every great magic grimoires were written by priests and priests and more remote from the time look into their gifts paranormal practices developed through the development of the pineal gland. The symbol of the pinecone adorns many religious monuments and utensils, to tell us that he who has the power to send, and who has not obeyed. You must see the world the way things are to understand what I'm telling you. The higher power and perfection create imperfect beings and force them to raise up to an archangel protoplasm, through millions of deaths, to suffer because of his instincts, whose germ was designed with them, and torturing himself with all possible the sufferings of the soul and body, until They reach the desired to light, But was that the only way? A path of pain, torture and death? What human being who really aspires to evolve through this endless agony? In perfection, as the supreme bliss? Vague promise of a doubtful happiness! As if it were desirable to achieve such harmony, which is under the mask of impartiality and love of humanity, nothing further than a profound indifference and selfishness hardened. We are rising up against these implacable laws that promise joys remote and unknown, while they pass judgment, in advance, the unhappy creatures to inhuman sufferings - unbreakable links of an endless stream generated imperfect and slave labor without end, that ignorance pushes autocratically. And by what right? Always claiming that terrible law of slavery the weak by the stronger. The poor ignorant are always crushed by the wheel of the one who knows the laws governing.

Let me tell you a little story. Back in year 2005, after many years dedicated to the study and practice of the occult, and lived a severe financial crisis in my factory. I am an agronomist by profession, and I have a fertilizer factory. The soybean lived a serious crisis of prices, and farmers had no way to pay your bills. The result is that I got two million dollars in the street with no way to get these accounts. I decided then to appeal to all gram of spirits and entities of the astral with the desire to resolve my situation. Well, I discovered the Brotherhood and the Rite of Pactum Pactorum. I found that in past lives I was a member of the Brotherhood, as well as many others who come to us from various parts of the world. According to the spirits that I mentioned had to complete the rite in a town in Spain, more precisely in Arzua. Arzua is a city in the Jacobean route that begins in the Pied Port France and ends in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It is the last great crossroads of the way and has a veiled Catholic chapel dedicated to Luciferian rituals of High Magic. But at that time had no money to go there. So I asked the spirits to show one way, mysteriously, and a client in the midst of severe agricultural crisis appeared and made a large purchase of fertilizers, totally out of season. So I had the money to go to Spain and there concludes my rite. The facts that came after it was fascinating. Everything was clearer, and my worldview that I thought differently changed once and for all.
 So just to conclude, it is Pactum Pactorum. It is a brotherhood whose initiatory rite is a rite also a ritual to attract material wealth, after all what good is a poor wise man, is not it?
We have people connected with us throughout the world by the ties of our holy Brotherhood. All in secrecy, after all this is a Luciferian rite, and people do not want to expose. So that way if you want to know this rite please read the tests listed in this link: http://www.cursosdemagia.com.br/faqpactorum.htm
I apologize but in this case you will have to use a translator to read this. After reading all your time, I must tell you that the next day rite is 07/07/2012, you need only a weekend, on Sunday you will be free to go. Only if you have real interest in coming here, write me, ok?  At that time believe me, Pactum Pactorum is the most powerful rite to obtain prosperity that I have saw, my desire is the expansion of our Brotherhood and with our egregore. So, the rite begin here, an you will keep it in your country. About Kimbanda when you come here, we´ll talk about. Oh yeah, do not worry about all the nonsense they talk about Brazil,that by coming here you will be mugged, or something. This is pure nonsense. Assaults exist anywhere in the world as the slums in Rio or the Bronx in New York. I live with my family that you may have seen on my Facebook in a small town near the city of Sao Paulo. Here we can sleep peacefully with doors and windows open. So, if this is your True Will, make contact and come to your true Brotherhood.

Pactvm Pactorvm is a ritual, a ceremony where we evoke a magical entity that aims to provide goods and material wealth. It appears visible to everyone in the Temple. But beyond this ritual bring wealth also drops many myths and prejudices of unbelievers, atheists and uninformed. And, as it seems inconceivable that this rite allows the naked eye to see what is deemed invisible or nonexistent.
The main principles to keep in mind before making the rite are:

- Everything that exists in the universe was created by one God. When considering the creation of God, just imagine a landscape is beautiful, delicate flowers, waterfalls and peace. But the hurricanes, the vultures that feed on carrion and many other things not so fragrant and beautiful eyes are also emanations of the same creator.

- Good and evil in the way that we believe are related.

- We only use ten percent of our brain potential. This simply means that we perceive only a small part of what exists in the universe. Therefore it is well accepted that there are many more things in heaven and earth than we can imagine.

- If there are more things than we think and good and evil are relative we can conclude that that there are "forces" or energy and intelligence that can be contacted and used to our benefit.

In this knowledge base we know that:

- There is no sin or guilt in the use of these energies, because they were left by God for the benefit of man. Of course, to contact them in the foreground it needs to perceive them. This achievement is a personal search of each one.

On the nature of these forces is to be understood that:

- Each primary force is so pure that has a function in particular. Thus, the intelligence responsible for Wealth cannot kill or take revenge of people since this is not part of his nature. So there is nothing to fear.

You must be prepared to:

- See, hear and witness the presence of a different nature from ours. This may ultimately cause great discomfort, as many people are not ready to drop old concepts and reshape their thinking. It can be frightening to realize that what they taught him all his life was a lie.

Only people with cold-blooded and adventurous in search of a higher truth and a supreme force that is able to change your life by giving you all the comfort and the opportunity to rule on this material plane are shown to participate in this rite.

Are you ready for this? If you are, please contact-me: fratermagister@cursosdemagia.com.br

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To get Initiation in Kimbanda

The first step to you get initiation is find a Kimbanda Master to attract Exu in your head. After this you must do initiation, and I recommend the traditional system of Malei Kimbanda cult, because this is the primitive method is the most next to the true Kimbanda without miscellaneous so common these days.
Exus are magical personalities who had incarnated as a human in the past, generally with deep knowledge about Witchcraft, Magic and Occultism. They are connected with the nature elements, and have their point of force near this elements (earth, air, fire and water) and locals like beaches, forests, cemeteries and crossroads, they can cure, protect or destroy the enemies. They are specialists in financial questions and to bring solutions to our material problems. They are faithful to who are faithful to them. Don´t broke your promises to Exu. The Pomba Giras are not exactly a female exu version, like someone say. They are specialists in love and sexual magick, although they are milder should not ever be overlooked because they have great power.

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From why study and dedicate your time and energy to acquire proficiency in Occult and Magick

Every act of life is a magical act, no matter the ignorance, negligence or malpractice, you came here to win, especially if you inevitably records only failure, discomfort, frustration. Fortunately for us, most of the essential acts of life are continuing and are involuntary. Here we are then trapped in a web of circumstances if we do nothing but auto vegetative life, we must consciously learn magic, and apply ourselves to Magick, the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will.
Note that the error means or where things happen that are therefore not a line, and when it happens despite our efforts, we are (temporarily) baffled when our own ignorance is short of what we want, or inability to adapt to our environment so we set up a conflict in our own nature: "that our act is suicidal." This inner struggle is the basis of nearly all neuroses.
All these phenomena, or "point events" that you cared so much, as things in life that plague you, are equally "illusion," nothing is forever, but nothing that represent the projection of this screen or stage not only phenomenal can explain, but is part of who we are and represent in the Universe.
Occultism is the only system which reconciles all the contradictions inherent in thinking and experience, because it "Reality" is "Illusion", "autonomy" is "Destiny", the "Ego" is the "No Ego", and so is part of every puzzle in the philosophy that we set up our lives, some better some worse, but it is true that we create our dreams and illusions, and nothing, really no good to have so much attachment, but the search for understanding about the life and the mysteries around us, the rest is apparently ephemeral, but if we do not realize that small portion of existence we call life, achieving what I say, is the feeling of victory and accomplishment in taking every action or attitude of the sum end we do something really great, but for humanity, at least for ourselves and for the small circle around us.
Learn the meaning of "Touch of the Fool," the first arcane tells us this is often time choices, go to the same abyss that strangers, or go back and stay in the sameness. The choice is yours!

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Important distinctions

Luciferianism is not anti-Christian, Satanism Yes.

Luciferianos seek the Light and knowledge, understand perfectly Adonai, the myth of Jesus Christ and the Christian Logos that are very different things. Satanists worship the shadow, Luciferianos light. And so on. I don't want to say that Satanists are this or that because it's label and the human being is something much bigger than a simple label. We are at the foot of the great pyramid, all seeking one way or another to ascend to the top. There are many paths, the pyramid has four sides, and everyone can be in search of something bigger that can transcend its nature and instinct, preserve their species, its genetics, its essence. The brotherhood of Pactorvm teaches this also, but few can drink these sources because if autolimitam in feelings of guilt and sin. Want to expose their ideas, that even without allied force field of perceptions are mere pawns in the forces of fate, always cruel and ruthless as he will reap his life and those of you that loves conviviality. We are not fatalists, seek the source of the water we drink, and now we share with our brothers. And this is something much bigger than a ridiculous and unthinkable Pact with the Tinhoso to receive gifts. Voucher for light reflection on their lives, especially when you get the ultimate day to tell yourself: "where I came from and where I will!"

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The Search for Peace and Harmony

Your mind acts as a powerful magnet. If you're attuned to prosperity, then it will attract more events, things and people that bring you prosperity. If you are in tune with failure, loss and misery, will attract more and more defeats. The magnetism of his mind is directed by his will and his thoughts.

His will and his thoughts are different things. However, your will can be blocked by your feelings, as well as a thick concrete wall prevents water impounded in a dam to run its course. When thoughts are not organized and directed toward a goal, the will is lost and it's like a magnet to stay turning from one side to another, without defining which objects to attract. A magnet has no power of choice you have and this is the main difference. The mental energy that exists in you should be directed toward a clear objective and defined.

All human beings are equipped by the brain, some are still reluctant to use this equipment to achieve your goals and make themselves fully in this world. Think God should put money into their laps, love and many other riches. In fact, none of this will happen, however much you beg and want.

The effort is always needed because it is a law of compensation, which exists throughout the universe. Even with the use of magic, you have to use your will to attract powerful forces. They will not come free to meet you, be sure about it. However often feel that someone hits us unconsciously? Thinking evil to us and wishing our failure. The negative vibrations affect our aura, and if it is not strengthened is crossed, and the vital forces and psychic sucked and destroyed, leaving the body completely vulnerable to bad events.

The vibrations negative mental consciousness are those magical streamlined for action against popularly known as witchcraft and voodoo. In this case, the negative forces are even more dangerous because they are sent through very powerful mind, usually by a skilled magician who possesses knowledge, the astral body developed and trained mind. These people were dedicated exclusively to cultivating the hidden powers for destruction, according to the wishes of the client. Remember that like attracts like. We should not throw stones at others when our roof is still glass.

So you know you're a prisoner of forces induced by others, do a self-evaluation. You has had unexplained losses when things went smoothly? You have often lost your job when you were already signing him? You have mysteriously lost objects of personal use? Despite working hard and saving, you can never get rid of debts? You sometimes have the feeling of being tied spiritually?

Has inexplicable sense that the doctors find no cause to explain? Do you suffer from bouts of melancholy and depression, apparently without justification? Sees shadows? If these things are happening to you, it is very likely that your aura is filled with negative energy, and time to discharge it. You're a human being, endowed with powerful forces in your mind and spirit, and not be overwhelmed by evil forces of any kind, but must have a desire to get rid of these evils, to break all ties, strengths and charms they did with the intention of destroying you and damaging you, if this is your desire, write to us telling you case, so we can make an assessment and guidance on how best to help you.

Contact us: www.cursosdemagia.com.br/contato.htm

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Zé Pelintra

Zé Pelintra (also Zé Pilintra) is a folk character and spiritual mythology african-Brazilian and regional Kimbanda, Umbanda and Catimbó.

Fairly considered, especially among kimbandeiros and Umbanda, as the patron spirit of the bars, gambling sites and gutters (though not aligned with professional negative slant) is a kind of transcript of the archetypal "rogue." In their dress, fairly typical, Ze Pelintra is represented wearing full suit in white, chrome shoes, maroon or red tie and Panama hat in red or black ribbon.

Among the many stories on this entity, the best known is that of Joseph Emerenciano who was born in Pernambuco and lived his life in Rio de Janeiro, marginality by protecting prostitutes which paid him for his service. He had a famous knife with bone handle, that second count, he tore the flesh of many marginal aggression towards their protection, their action was swift and sure. I once fell in love with the wife of an army sergeant, a beautiful blonde with blue eyes. And both insist managed to score a date with a beautiful woman. The woman in turn, pitched for it a place to trap all told her husband that was in place to meet. They say that that night Joseph put on his best suit. He was in the bar drinking a glass of rum when her husband came in and called: "scoundrel"! By turning to the man Joseph died with a clear shot in the forehead. Since then, the spiritual guide went on to attend the sessions of Umbanda and Kimbanda line of souls.

Despite having religious importance to both practitioners of Kimbanda, Umbanda and Catimbó Ze Pelintra originating entity of this latter. The absorption of one entity by another religion took place when the major urban centers of southeastern Brazil began to embrace old rural areas and encourage the migration of workers from other parts of the country in its development process. Insofar as this was happening, the priests began to consider the Catimbó Ze Pelintra as an entity belonging also to his own cult.

Ze Pelintra is invoked when his followers need help with domestic matters, business or financial and is reputed as a worker of charity and the making of good things.He like rum, whisky, cigarretes and a white hat.

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Exus or Demons

John: Frater, I have seen these correlations between exus and demons from Goetia, could you tell me if these correlations exist, even if for example a link from exu with such a devil? Do not know if I could express myself well. I know it is not another one, so I would like your explanation. Thanks for your patience and dedication to us!

Frater Magister: John, it's kind of turmoil due to lack of understanding of esotericism and occultism. But let's explain. The exus were magicians, sorcerers and priests of the cult of kimbanda. Some older who were called Nganga, or sorcerers Kimbanda Bantu peoples, Nagôs, etc.. Others may have had physical existence later, when the Kimbanda received the influences of people enchanted forests, the Tupi Guarani, the people of the orient.
His association with the devil was evident, after all, the cult of Umbanda simplified the exus, as "the left" Umbanda, automatically linked to all things negative, harmful or devilish as it were. The exus were then placed in the cult of Umbanda as guardians and protectors of the magical workings of the Temple. However, for those who remained more closely linked to the Cult of Kimbanda, realized that actually the exception of the fact that exu is a magical force and land-he is closer to humans and more closely tied to mundane problems, helping search for solutions, cleaning fluids deleterious breaks demand and even work on spiritual healing. Yes, exus can heal with much property and knowledge. Of course the Catholic religious syncretism that hit the Afro-Brazilian cults also associated exu quickly to the devil and because the diverse hordes of hell described in the ancient manuscripts and grimoires of the Middle Ages. Well, you can not study the lives of Catholic saints and say an understanding of the Yoruban Orisha cults. Just as Lucifer is no Exu Lucifer and Astaroth Exu is not the King of the Exu 7 Crossroads. Exus not coexist on the same plane vibrational demons who have never had physical existence. So may not be associated with them. Just as the Bakisi (plural of Nkisi) or orishas vibrate at a different scale of vibration and therefore connected to one another plane of existence. It is as if by analogy we consider the planet Earth as an onion with many layers in between. Most telluric, closer to the core and the most solar pranic or further away. We could even consider that either is versed in exu and Goetia Magick and therefore know the formula evocative of a certain demon. But consider the following, since the demons, never had physical existence, and its existence follows an amoral plan because they are not related to any physical sphere, the same for not having standards vices of the ego, can act in a more intensively, but more dangerous. If you have fears, uncertainties, doubts, then you will be quickly consumed by the demon that evoke, while if you have enough experience and knowledge of the spheres and planes of the occult, as well as forms of energy that surround it, the astral plane physical, earthy, then you are a beginner may have such power as he pleases with great success. In the same way that you can evoke a protective angel or archangel, you can evoke an exterminating angel. And if you have the proper theoretical and practical, may succeed in his magical work. You can not say that an exu or a human being is more or less evolved than a devil, because we are dealing with primary forces, primordial forces. A Vodou Loa do not vibrate in the same sphere of an Orisha Umbanda or Candomblé, neither is more or less superior. Just as Mars or Ares is nothing more or less developed than Ogun or St. George. They are distinct, with different forms of work. If you want to perform an evocation of goetia then need to know the work theurgic or High Magic. If you want to bring to you a Loa Trevose family of the Barons of Cemetery, then you should obey the grounds of religion or religious mystics of Vodouisant. It would be ridiculous to believe that we will possessed in the Temple by St. Sebastian turns to Indians, as we will not possessed by Astaroth in the body of a medium that would surely be destroyed by this force. The grounds are different from the Candomblé and Umbanda, Kimbanda as the latter deal is a cult eguns (spirits that had phisical existences), and a cult of Candomblé deities or orishas.

Finally, one can not invent the wheel and not doing things because we feel cute. No use magick we draw circles on the floor of a cult tetragramatons exus. The result of some, becomes none.

If I were to create a new religion, cult or whatever, need to meet certain criteria before the most primitive religions where this new originated. Thus was the relationship with Catholicism pagan religions, where much has been absorbed and adapted.

But, just to end this matter, I would say it is not religion or cult in itself is good or bad, better or worse than another, but that man himself is what makes your beliefs to the molds of your taste in hell or in paradise you want. What is good for some, may not be good for others. People like the planes of existence and agencies, also vary its vibrating tracks, cultures, concepts, etc..

All this is quite relevant in choosing a path.

Magia de Amalá de Oxóssi para cura e harmonização

Para pedir harmonização e cura para Oxóssi fazer uma oferenda num alguidar de barro, com frutas, tais como, uva, abacaxi, morango, melão regado a mel. Faça a oferenda bem ornamentada, acenda uma vela verde de sete dias, e queime em carvão, arruda, guiné, incenso em pedra, alfazema e alecrim.
Diga em voz alta: "Okê Oxóssi! Estou fazendo essa humilde oferenda para que me ajudes (e peça o que deseja)."
Deixe a oferenda por 24 horas e logo depois entregue as frutas numa mata, ou enterre.

Magic Amalá Oxóssi for the healing and harmonizing

To ask for healing and harmonizing Oxóssi make an offering in a clay bowl with fruit such as grapes, pineapple, strawberry, melon flavored by honey. Make an offering well decorated, light a green candle for seven days, and burn charcoal, rue, guinea stone incense, lavender and rosemary.
Say aloud: "Okê Oxóssi, I am making this humble offering to you to help me (and ask what you want)." Give the gift of 24 hours and later handed over the fruit in a forest or bury.