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About Palo Mayombe and Kimbanda

Palo Mayombe has nothing to do with Kimbanda (or Quimbanda) objectively speaking, starting with the fact that the kimbanda does not worship deities, but exus. There are oracles of Ifa, that is common in our Candomblé, and the deities, shifting caboclos and black old peoples are more common in our Umbanda. Lately it has established an association between Candomble and Umbanda, entitled Umbandomblé. I explain better:
Candomblé doesn't worship with eguns or spirits of the deads, the deities are regarded as gods and never had physical existence. The exu in Candomblé is just a messenger and only speaks through the oracle of Ifa.
Already exist in Umbanda caboclos or preto-velhos (old afropeoples - the slaves in Brasil brought from Angola) and, in addition exus are called "left of Umbanda" and not Kimbanda. There are other popular figures of Brazil very common in the Temples of Umbanda. Note that Umbanda is a genuinely a Brazilian religion.
Already Kimbanda more practiced in Brazil has its origin in Angola, by the people Kimbundus being genuinely cult of pombo-giras and exus, with subdivisions such as spirits of forests, crossroads, cemeteries, rivers and waterfalls and the sea. All are essentially pombagiras and exus. That our Kimbanda received more traditional European witchcraft influence (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, etc.) and other forms of magic and sorcery.
Someones say that Kimbanda had its origin in the Bantu Congo called Kimbanda Malei, that is some variation with a focus on africanism.

Answering some questions:

What are the different types of Kimbanda, which of them is yours?

- My Kimbanda is the angolan and brazilan traditional cult.

How are people led into it? Also, is it for anyone, or is it exclusive to what the spirits want?

- Usually we say that people are predestined to work with this current has exu in blood. Of course this is a simplistic form of expression, because we believe there are spiritual and karmic ties that bind us to these beings. There is a rule, a person is attracted to this cult, and when he sees are already being incorporated by head exu. Another important detail comparing with other systems of magic, is the speed and efficiency results both for spiritual and worldly problems. The knowledge, the use of herbs, embodiments, and other physical effects that occur in the temple are extremely contagious and brings us the desire to learn and delve on these mysteries.

Are there indeed many people who are in both Palo and Kimbanda? What, if any, is Palo's relation to your type of Kimbanda?

- Yes but I saw this only with hispanic americans and north americans, there´s no Palo in Brasil.

What do the spirits expect of you?

- We expect loyalty, sincerity, friendship, protection, knowledge, prosperity, and everything that they can provide us and return we cult them according to the tradition. Their evolution depend from us.

What Moral and ethical obligations do the spirits and the group insist upon?

- Well, if you want to work in the kimbanda that is a powerful form of magic and teluric energy you need to be formally Iniciated and fulfill the rites of protection and empowerment that are necessary for the entity can manifest yourself with safely and efficiently. Of course there are others details reveiled only at iniciatic environment.


The line is Kimbanda most secret of Afro-Brazilian cults and syncretism whose influences are: Bantu, Indian, Catholic, Nago, Yoruba land, witchcraft and Eastern currents. Of all the crucibles of cultures that arrived in Brazil, there were these kind of syncretism cults, many do not understand or confuse them with some kind of more pure and traditional religions, as are some nations of Candomblé.
We consider further that due to the syncretism between Exu (ESU) and the Devil, there have been many misunderstandings and even today many think Kimbanda is a kind of satanic cult, which is not true.
We thought that the Exu of Kimbanda is not Exu Candomblé (the deity of the lower culture Yoruba land). The Exu is just one of Kimbanda Egun (Soul of people who belonged to the cult) and leaves as the true messenger Exus (Eshu). It's the same with other lines or bands dedicated to the Orisha, for example: The Line Ogun (or in some variants of Umbanda syncretism cults) reach the spirits of Indians or Blacks who in life had been warriors and who used the sword with belonged to the cult, and although we know that is not the Orisha Ogun Yoruba land, also call it Ogun Beira Mar, Ogun seven swords, etc..
The real name should we give to the spirits of Kimbanda would "kimbandas" given that the name of this chain's name comes from just these great magicians of the People Kimbundu. The Kimbundus are sort of "wise men healers" that both in Africa and Brazil during slavery, known to be noted, with their works magic with her trances, their use of fashion fans, beverages and besides its direct contact with the dead. Given that in many respects these "Kimbundus" would have some similarity with the Exu Yoruba land, with his death, were considered his messengers, according to the Bantu and indigenous traditions, as the two cultures believe that the spirit of a shaman or witch returns to earth trance through some other wizard alive and that according to his task on earth would become a messenger of some or Nkisi Charmed (energies of nature).
Furthermore, we should also note that many authors presented Kimbanda as a hierarchical organization, is just an exact copy (or plagiarism) to evoke an ancient book of Western culture, which treats "demons", their hierarchies and powers, whose title is " Grimorium Verum. " Given that this book existed before the discovery of Brazil, and we believe Kimbanda as we know, is a form of worship African-Brazilian can say that is so wrong Kimbanda study based on this framework, it would be like studying the history of Catholic saints for understanding of the Yoruba pantheon.
Thus, based on research took years of study and practice, to collect even with the spirits of data and knowledge, as if to be able to offer an organized Kimbanda.

In my cult those are the powers conferred by the Kimbanda Exus:

- So that you can use the spaces to which many can not reach, you have the key to open the boundaries between one space and another, between light and darkness, between the hot and cold, etc..

- The gift to be free and to choose between good and evil.

- Having knowledge and memory of all the things from his birth in Kimbanda and can enrich your knowledge with your own experiences.

- Have the power to create artificial beings exercising your will on inanimate matter.

- You can travel in time, mental or astral, to find past and future of yourself, like others who come to you.

- You can absorb them and to understand and communicate with any type of physical or astral creature, be it higher or lower.

- If you need to divide yourself, creating a spiritual being similar to you, but at lower powers and faculties. Once you're divided, and learn the secret art of witchcraft kimbanda, otherwise you can not join again losing much of your vital energy.


Frater Magister

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